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Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil - Interview 1 - Various Uses in Australia by Ken Sigrah
In this interview Ken Sigrah talks about the various uses of Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil in the Australian marketplace and all the different applications for the oil from humans, dog, horses and the horse and greyhound racing and stud breeding industries.

Couple Alzheimer's Fight Tries Boost in Brain Superfuel
First FDA approved' medical food' for people with Alzheimer's. The key ingredient is a saturated fat found in coconut that the liver converts into keytones. Dr. Mary Newport and her husband

Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil - Interview 2 - Basic information by Stacey King
Stacey is one of the founders of Nature Pacific and in his interview Stacey explains how Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil is packed and sold to suit the various climates through out Australia and some helpful tips on how to use the oil and where to purchase it.

Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil - Interview 3 - Nature's Own Botox by Stacey King
In this interview Stacey King answers some of the most asked questions regarding Banaban range of body and massage oils. She also offers some great beauty tips for women on the best way to use the oil. As she states, 'virgin coconut oil is nature's own botox... forget spending all your money on expensive face creams, nature already has the answer.'

How Banabans Traditionally Harvest Coconuts
With a world filled with modern technology it is refreshing to see traditional skills that are still used at village level today.  These traditions have been passed down over the centuries and utilise a stick and stone to dehusk and open coconuts.

Virgin Coconut Oil to aid Alzheimer's and Dementia
A series of excellent interviews with Dr. Newport and her husband in the use of Virgin Coconut Oil to fight Alzheimer's and Dementia

Coconut Oil cures Dementia
Inspired by Dr. Newport's video, Bruce was given a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil. Within three hours he was speaking in clear sentences for the first time in months. She continued to give him coconut oil daily. A month later he was taking care of all his personal needs; he was using the telephone, operating his computer on his own, and reading short books, he even began building a bookshelf, all things that he couldn’t even attempt to do a month earlier.

Dr. Bruce Fife - Informative Coconut Oil Series of Video Interviews
An excellent series of interviews with Dr. Bruce Fife covering all different aspects of coconuts in treating various aliments, general health, and skin and body products.

Interview About the Benefits of VCO and the Race Horse Industry, with Ken Ford, Formulator and Director of Equitec, Australia
Ken Ford talks to the directors of Nature Pacific about the great health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil for the racing industry. Nature Pacific now manufacturers a range of natural virgin coconut oil products for the pet and horse industry.  Interview is from a segment filmed for Fiji TV programme September 2007

Coconut Oil - Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Joseph Mercola makes a video on why coconut oil is the healthiest oil to eat because it has no trans fat and is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.

Coconut Oil: The Good Fat -  Dr. Joseph Mercola
Certain types of fat are detrimental to your health. But there are some types of fat that are actually healthy. Dr. Joseph Mercola says coconut oil is a fat that is good for you.

Traditional and Spiritual Use of Coconuts In Banaban Society
Learn about the importance of the Coconut tree in the daily life and its spiritual benefit for the Banaban people. Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut 'The Tree of Life' Rabi Island, Fiji
Coconuts are an important part of daily life for the Banabans of Rabi Island, Fiji.  Watch Banabans gathering and processing coconuts for their daily diet.

Coconut Cutting Demonstration
Kevin Gianni from the Renegarde Health Show goes through how to cut open a coconut. He also looks at the various types of coconuts, which have meat and which have jelly.

Nature Pacific is more than a Coconut Company
While Virgin Coconut Oil is the main focus of Nature Pacific, there is also another very important mission to uphold Banaban Culture and tradition.

Great Recipe for Barders cooked Virgin Coconut Oil
Barders are a vegetarian snack treat made from lentils and spices and deep fried in healthy Virgin Coconut Oil.