Fresh coconuts from Fiji

How Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made


BANABAN Extra Virgin Coconut Oil®

BANABAN ORGANIC Extra Virgin Coconut Oil®

Fiji Virgin Coconut Oil


1. Harvesting of the fresh coconuts begins each morning around 5am at sunrise and the production facility has 2 hourly drop off schedules up to noon daily. This ensures that the daily coconuts harvested are processed whilst fresh.

2. On arrival at the processing plant the coconut flesh is removed from the matured coconuts then chipped and sliced into small pieces.

3. The coconut chips are then air dried with the temperature set under  60º degrees to remove moisture (below 4 percent w/w) without damaging the delicate essential Fatty Acid levels and important Vitamin E content.

4. The dehydrated coconut chips are then COLD PRESSED to extract the oil.

5. The remaining dried coconut is packed as COCONUT CRUNCHTM in 20kg bags for export.

6. The oil is then filtered three times through natural fiber filters to separate any coconut particles from the oil before pumping into large settling tanks.

7. The Virgin Coconut Oil is held in the settling tanks for a
minimum period of 36 hours before being transferred into food grade 200 of 1,000 litre bladders held in open top (bio-degradable) cardboard outers.
The result is a fine pure premium Virgin Coconut Oil with a shelf life of at least 2 years from production. It retains a rich natural coconut aroma and flavour and is a light golden clear colour in appearance, with a high lauric acid content of over 50%.
NO chemicals are used in the growing or processing of Banaban Organic® and Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut oil® and the farm carries Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and USDA Organic Certification, Kosher Australia and Halal certification.
Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil® is a term to describe that our virgin coconut oil is cold pressed and has the least amount of processing retaining a more natural unrefined state.  Unlike the more refined processed types of virgin coconut oil current in the marketplace that are using wet milling, fermentation or expeller press extraction which require additional heat and  use centrifuge spinning (known as oil polishing which reaches high heat during processing) to further clean and filter the oil.
Our processing facility is situated on the coconut farm in a pristine northern island of the Fiji group.  NO electricity or fossil fuels are used to run our processing plant. In fact coconut shells and husk provide the bio-fuel to run our plant. The farm and production facility is totally Fijian owned and is a joint venture with Nature Pacific Pty Ltd an Australian company that is proudly Banaban owned. The farm only employs local Fiji and Banaban workers


 Coconuts growing Fiji farm as far as the eye can see!  Only fully matured coconuts are used in the production of Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil  Coconut trees are part of Fiji's natural pristine environment.

On the farrm there are coconut trees as far as the eye can see in the pristine far north region of Fiji.  

Only fully matured coconuts are harvested. NO green coconuts are used. This results in very high Lauric Acid levels.    Coconut trees growing wild along the shoreline next to the Island home of Nature Pacific directors - Ken Sigrah and Stacey King reaching hights over 100 feet. Coconut trees are part of Fiji's natural pristine environment.