Say NO to Hexane in Virgin Coconut Oil

Why 'NO Hexane' is important!


BANABAN Extra Virgin Coconut Oil® is Cold Pressed and ‘No Hexane’ is used! 


With so many different types of Virgin and Coconut Oils on the market;  cold pressed,  expeller pressed, wet milled, centrifuged spun etc. it is important to know how your BANABAN Extra Virgin Coconut Oil® is processed.

You also might have noticed that we have a NO HEXANE sticker on our labels.  We believe it is important for our customers to be made aware of why hexane is used and how it can still be found in some of the ‘organic’ coconut oils in the market place.

Hexane is a hydrocarbon volatile colourless liquid derived from petroleum and used as a solvent in glue used for shoes, leather products, and roofing.  Additionally, it is used in solvents to extract oils for cooking and as a cleansing agent for shoe, furniture and textile manufacturing and because it contains carbon as the primary backbone of the molecule it can be technically listed as ‘Organic’.

Many companies that make Expeller Pressed Coconut oil treat the oil with chemicals like hexane to extract the remaining oil (higher yield) from coconuts when crushing them. Usually expeller pressed oil only can get about 66% of the oil from the coconuts during processing, so the yield of oil is lower unless hexane is used.

It is verifiable that hexane in great quantities can be very dangerous. When inhaled it is can cause sleepiness, nausea, and headaches. Chronic hexane inhalation may result in cramping and muscle weakness. Muscles may also deteriorate. These effects will steadily decline after exposure to hexane ends. But in inhaled form, it is most definitely a toxin that affects the central nervous system.

When expeller pressed coconut oil is treated with hexane, it is also heated. This kills off the majority of the hexane and in the process will also destroy the important Vitamin E content of your Coconut Oil.  It is unclear whether trace amounts, if any, still exist in the oil after heating. It is also unclear whether tiny amounts of ingested hexane have health risks.

 If there are small amounts of hexane in oil, it could become an inhalant if the oil is cooked. So people who do a large amount of cooking with oil, like frying food everyday, might possibly be inhaling very small amounts of hexane.

 So just because you think that Organic Virgin Coconut oil is ‘chemical free’ make sure you understand the different types of processing methods and why Nature Pacific believes in a totally natural form of cold pressing of fully mature coconuts to recover the highest levels of important lauric acid and vitamin E where ever possible.


Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed