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Cocolicious Hazelnut Delights

Cocolicious Hazelnut Delights
Recipe Information

These are little beauties! Great as treats but unlike most ‘treats’ they are full of nutritious ingredients to nourish the body. My kids love them and so do I! They are easy and quick to make.

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
makes 15 mini patty papers

• ½ cup of hazelnut meal • ½ cup Banaban Coconut Crunch • ½ cup shredded coconut • handful of medjool dates • 1/3 cup Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil • handful goji berries • ½ Tablespoon of cacao


• Add all ingredients to a food processor. • Pulse until ingredients are mixed together but still ‘rough’ texture. • Line mini muffin tray with patty paper or lightly spray with Pro Chef coconut oil spray • Put into tray or patty papers • Freeze and store in freezer • Remove from freezer 10 or so minutes before eating – cocolicious!!!!!