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Pets Who Love Coconut


Meet MeatLoaf

Tim Dormer's French Bulldog Meatloaf enjoying his Banaban Pet Care Shampoo & Coat Conditioner. We love our Frenchies at Banaban!


Riley loves his Banaban Organic Pet Tonic

Riley loves his Banaban Coconut Oil Pet Tonic so much, he just had to lick the container clean!


Fingers Crossed

Bring it on I love my Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil


I just Smell So Good...

I love my humans, they love me and look after me, take me for walks...but I want some Bananaban coconut doggy shampoo to make me smell good after my swims at the beach!


Jayda the Great Dane Can't Believe it

'You mean that delicious stuff is healthy!! I love coconut oil!'


Oh No!!!

'What do you mean we are out of Doggie Crunch!!!!!!! Noooooo'



My Ponies Get Coconut Oil in their Feed Everyday

My ponies get your coconut oil in there feeds everyday. I get the 5L packs and i always keep one inside and one in my feed shed. As you can see they are a picture of health


RubyRose daydreaming of nothing but coconuts

Ok and maybe chasing the ball lol


Dreaming of sharing my Banaban Yummie coconut oil

My big ( but MUCH younger) fur baby brother Maurie has already dreamt about sharing Banaban yummies with me but I thought I would just say Hi! and 

"Please" I would like to share with him too...I may be a "Senior"... but I still like healthy treats and some nice pampering


Indy the Ridgie!

I put my best smile on for Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil 


I'll have my coconut crunch breakfast in here today

Could you fan me a little faster ..... where's that coconut I ordered...

A Star is born.... SMUDGE

Ryan and Kim Sutcliffe - Customers from Western Australia

"Our dogs are doing fantastic on VCO, check out one of our sled dogs, Smudge, at the Nationals a few weeks ago, he placed first in his class! Our dogs health, coats, endurance and recovery after working have all improved since starting them on VCO!"


This is how Jazz & Parker like to open a coconut...

But much easier opening a packet of Doggie Crunch 


"Mmmm... Did someone say Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil?"

Says my beautiful boy Buddah!


Where's my Doggie Crunch!

"Love going on picnics with mommy and daddy but I wish they would pack me some more treats ! Like Coconut Crunch. Isn't that what picnics are all about anyways ? BOL" - Emma


How Long Must I wait?

Can wait alllll day for my Banaban virgin coconut oil!


Mum, this does not look like "Banaban Organic Coconut Doggie Crunch"

French Bulldogs just luvvvvv their food


This is How Good I Look all Glammed up in the Show Ring

See what coconut oil does for my coat.


I smell so fresh like a lemon myrtle!


Maurie dreaming about Banaban Organic Coconut Doggie Crunch

Maurie dreaming about how good it would be to be pampered with Banaban's amazing products and sharing with his elderly Minnie sister fur baby of course


Miss Looby Lou would like to say a big thanks

For her samples of your doggy crunch, she can't wait to try it out with her dinner tonight

Ernie-French-Bulldog-loves-Banaban-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-facialErnie Just Luvs his Coconut Oil Facial

Boss at the Paws Division of Nature Pacific he loves being pampered with his Organic Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil


Sam the Maltese enjoys all things coconut

My dog Sam has been enjoying my coconut oil so much on his food that I decided to try your Doggie Crunch and Tonic. It arrived yesterday and he loves it.


Mum where's my breakfast treat... yum 

One day I will grow into my collar!! Especially having coconut oil in my breakfast and dinner


Banaban virgin coconut oil helps keep a smile on my dial!

What more can we say


Forget My Skin I just want to eat it

Mum uses this on my sensitive skin but I love to eat it too, now how to get the lid off??


Are we there yet?!

Off to the Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil shop!!


I'm sure tired of this drought

The only thing thats going to get through this thick coat is coconut oil treats"



Send me some Banaban please Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil

Humans don't taste any good!




My dad won't share his banaban virgin coconut oil

My names nugget and I need me some doggie treats. 


Kodi and Nahla enjoying some Banaban Doggie Crunch