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Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch


A 100% natural certified organic dog food, high in fibre, iron and trace minerals with all the added health and coat benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

NATURE PACIFIC has recently developed a new product for launch into the Australian marketplace Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch, which is made from air dried fresh coconut flesh extracted during the processing of Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil®.

 Unlike many other dog foods which contain highly processed low grade food waste products, Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch is made from 100% natural high quality, fresh coconut flesh that has been picked in the early hours of the morning before being chipped and air dried within hours of harvest at low temperatures, ensuring that it retains all the valuable nutrients and health benefits of the coconut.

 Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch is an ideal addition to any dog’s daily diet and provides them with much needed fibre, iron, calcium and trace minerals as well as all the health and coat benefits that come from consuming the medium chain fats found in Virgin Coconut Oil. The documented benefits of MCT’s for dogs are:

  • increased energy,
  • a healthy and shiny skin / coat,
  • enhanced antimicrobial and gut health benefits,
  • assists in their ideal weight management

Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch also has an ideal texture to assist in maintaining the gum health of your dog.

Feeding Guidelines:

Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch is an economical food supplement which can be sprinkled into your dog’s food or given on its own as a healthy snack for added energy. 

The suggested daily servings are:

· Small dogs: 25 grams per day

· Medium dogs: 75 grams per day

· Large dogs: 100 grams per day

Important Note:

Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch will absorb approximately 4 times its weight in liquid so can be reconstituted or if given dry we recommend that your dog has plenty of water nearby available to drink.

Storage Guidelines:

Unlike many other dried pet foods which often go rancid and stale within days of being opened Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch is very stable and has a minimum shelf life of 2 years when unopened. Once opened we recommend that you seal the bag and store it in a cool, dry place in order to maintain maximum freshness and flavour.

Nutritional Information (%):

Fat: 26% as high quality Virgin Coconut Oil; containing easily metabolised medium chain fats (MCT's) that assist with maintaining healthy weight.
Dietary Fibre: 36% Protein: 17% Calcium: 3.6% Iron: 1%

 Banaban Organic Doggie Crunch is a truly unique product currently only available in Australia through Nature Pacific.