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The Nature Pacific Story

From Island, to Australia, to the World!

NATURE PACIFIC was founded in Australia in 2004 as a joint venture to market Virgin Coconut Oil being made by Ken Sigrah's Banaban family back in Fiji. Ken and his partner Stacey King were already involved in the natural health industry in Australia since 1997 with direct links throughout the Pacific region importing and exporting raw materials for Australian companies. So banaba-rabi-mapmarketing the family’s virgin coconut oil was a natural progression.

Originally they began selling the oil in bulk through out their existing business networks, but at that time even the natural health industry was not fully aware of just how important Virgin Coconut Oil would become.

They soon realised that to make Nature Pacific a company that could support the full scale production required to provide a self supporting industry back in Fiji, they needed to turn over volume. They also realised that by ‘value adding’ the raw virgin coconut oil here in Australia was key to producing quality products.

The first products they made were scented body oils based on traditional blends made back on the Island. The Banabans pride themselves on smelling good with golden glistening skin and hair and Coconut Oil had always been an essential part of their daily life.

From that point on, they marketed their products based on the values and traditions from home and realised that with the development of the BANABAN brand they could also use their products to tell the world about the plight of Ken’s people—the Banabans!

Today Nature Pacific products are exported worldwide.


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