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Scientific Evidence for Coconut Oil:

“Show me the evidence.” That’s the universal battle cry of the critics. Is there sufficient evidence to justify the safety and value of coconut oil? There is actually plenty of evidence, if you know where to look. - See more at: 



Healing power of coconut

Animals and the Healing Power of Coconut Oil:

Coconut, and especially virgin coconut oil, is gaining a reputation as a health food and natural healer. So it makes sense that coconut oil can be of great benefit to pet owners.



Oil Traditional

Suggested Uses for Virgin Coconut Oil:

- As Edible Oil
- As Massage Oil or Face Mask
- Rash treatment
- Sores, Cuts and Abrasions
- Stain Remover

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Traditional and Spiritual Use of Coconut In Banaban Society:

Coconuts also play a major role in the Banabans spiritual life and are used during traditional ceremonies  including te kouti (spiritual ceremonies) to connect with their ancestors and their environment.


Virgin coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil or Butter?

As the seasons change, so does your Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil 



Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil - Basic Product information:

Stacey King, Co-Founder of Nature Pacific, explains how Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil is packed and sold to suit the various climates through out Australia and some helpful tips on how to use the oil and where to purchase it.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil versus Coconut (Copra) Oil?

There is so much interest now about the wonderful benefits of using Virgin Coconut oil in today's market place that it is really important for people to understand the difference between virgin, extra virgin and the general term of coconut oil and why they give such different results.

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Why 'NO HEXANE' is Important!

BANABAN Extra Virgin Coconut Oil® is Cold Pressed and ‘No Hexane’ is used!

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Coconut Books:

One of the best Coconut book's can be downloaded online for FREE!

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How Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made:

Our processing facility is situated on the coconut farm in a pristine northern island of the Fiji group.  NO electricity or fossil fuels are used to run our processing plant. In fact coconut shells and husk provide the bio-fuel to run our plant.



 Traditional Banaba

Traditional Use of Coconuts:

Through out the Pacific Islands every part of the coconut is used for daily life. There are so many uses and benefits from the coconut and that is why the coconut truly is entitled to be called, 'the Tree of Life...'



Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil - Nature's Own Botox

Stacey King, Co-Founder of Nature Pacific, answers some of the most asked questions regarding Banaban range of body and massage oils. She also offers some great beauty tips for women on the best way to use the oil. As she states, 'virgin coconut oil is nature's own botox... forget spending all your money on expensive face creams, nature already has the answer.


How Banabans Traditionally Harvest Coconuts:

With a world filled with modern technology it is refreshing to see traditional skills that are still used at village level today.


Banaban Coconut Flour

How to Cook with Coconut Flour:

You can make a wide variety of baked goodies using coconut flour.

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