Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil Christmas Cake


Christmas Cake Special Recipe 

 This recipe was provided by Paulette Cassidy via Dalveen in Queensland. Paulette and her husband run a sheep and pig farm and she advised that this is a very heavy moist cake that she has made for her daughter's wedding cake and it has been a real hit for the shearers morning teas on the farm.

Other customers who have also tried this recipe also report it is the best fruit cake recipe ever. Now with *Banaban Organic Coconut Sugar and **Banaban Organic Coconut Flour available you could also try working these in to this recipe but please beware that when using  **Banaban Organic Coconut Flour add some coconut flour into this recipe you will need to add more eggs and baking powder.


1 ½ cups cold water
4 oz sherry
3 lb mixed fruit
1 cup chopped dates
½  cup chopped pecans
1 small packet slivered almonds
8 oz Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil (250 grams)
2 cups  brown sugar *try substituting
*Banaban Organic Coconut Sugar

4  rounded tablespoons marmalade (plum or raspberry) jam  
2 level teaspoon mix spice
½ level teaspoon cinnamon
2  level teaspoon bi-carb soda
4  eggs
2 cups self-raising flour
2 cups plain flour **try substituting **
Banaban Organic Coconut Flour
Pinch salt
Teaspoon each of vanilla almond lemon & rum essences



Put Virgin Coconut Oil, sugar, water, sherry, jam spices, bi-carb soda and fruit in large saucepan or boiler.

Bring almost to the boil and simmer for 7 minutes stirring occasionally.

Allow to cool until lukewarm.

Add beaten eggs, essences, flours and salt, gradually and mix well.

Put in a large paper lined tin at least  two thicknesses of strong brown paper (bottom and up the sides above the tin a bit). 

Cook in a VERY SLOW oven for about 6 hours.

Check after approximately 5.5 hours, 140-150 degrees Celsius. Old temperature 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Turn half way.

The cake mix can be split into 2 smaller cakes and this would reduce the cooking time to about 3 hours.