Coconut Oil Cures Dementia - Dr. Bruce Fife

Two months ago Rev. Bruce Flett was struggling with severe dementia. He couldn’t read or talk properly. He had to have help with all his basic needs. The doctor said he would never preach again. Within three hours of taking coconut oil all that changed. Now he is doing everything by himself and even working again. Recently he performed a wedding ceremony.

“I knew something had to happen soon,” said Carol Flett of Paisley, Canada. “My husband, Bruce was getting worse and worse. The dementia was progressing rapidly. Bruce was finding it harder and harder to form a simple sentence. He couldn’t communicate to tell me his needs; he couldn’t do the simplest tasks for himself. If this kept up I wasn’t sure what would happen.”

Bruce Flett is a retired minister and the author of four Christian novels. In 2010 he developed endocarditis—inflammation in the heart, which in Bruce’s case was caused by a fungal infection. The infection destroyed part of his heart, requiring him to have heart valve replacement surgery. The infection spread into his bloodstream and infected his spleen, gallbladder, liver, and brain. He was in critical condition and almost died two or three times, but managed to survive. The infection, however, destroyed brain tissue leaving him with dementia. The doctor told Carol it was permanent and that he would never preach again.

Bruce could no longer read or even talk properly. He had to have help with all this basic needs. Carol had to do everything for him. “I was resigned to having lost my husband,” says Carol. “It was more like having to look after a small child.”

Bruce took a test called a Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) which is used to evaluate and monitor the severity of dementia. The test has 30 questions. A score of 25-30 correct answers is considered normal. A score of 21-24 suggests mild impairment, 10-20 moderate impairment, and 9 or fewer severe impairment. Anyone who scores below 10 is severely handicapped. Bruce scored 11, indicating he was on the brink of severe dementia.

The stress of caring for her disabled husband began to take its toll on Carol. The doctor suggested putting Bruce in a nursing home. She couldn’t do that. There had to be another solution. “Lord, I need your wisdom,” Carol whispered in desperation. “Direct me; show me what I should do to help my husband.”

The next day she had a new friend on Facebook. This friend had a link on her Facebook page to a YouTube interview with a doctor who had had success reversing her husband’s Alzheimer’s using coconut oil. A few weeks earlier, Carol had purchased some coconut oil at the grocery store on a whim, after a nurse had recommended it to her. She had forgotten all about it.

Inspired by the video, she gave Bruce a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil. Within three hours he was speaking in clear sentences for the first time in months. She continued to give him coconut oil daily. A month later he was taking care of all his personal needs; he was using the telephone, operating his computer on his own, and reading short books, he even began building a bookshelf, all things that he couldn’t even attempt to do a month earlier.

 “I have my husband back!” she exclaims. “I still thank God for each new day that Bruce wakes up and talks to me without getting all confused.”

The doctor was amazed. He ordered another MMSE test—the one that convinced him that Bruce was beyond hope. This time he scored 24 out of 30, putting him at the very cusp of normal. Carol told the doctor about the answer to her prayer and the use of coconut oil. He didn’t scoff. He just said, “Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.”

Bruce continues to improve each day and has resumed some of his pastoral duties such as performing marriages. Bruce and Carol have been married for 43 years and look forward to many more happy years ahead, thanks to coconut oil and an answer to prayer.  ■

 To hear Bruce tell his experience with coconut oil click the picture below.