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Banaban tradtional dancing

                         Just like a drifting coconut washed across the vast oceans 'news' in the Islands

travels far and wide on what has been known for centuries as the 'Coconut Wireless'


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now appearing on all our pure Virgin Coconut Oil labels

Because all our Virgin Coconut Oil comes from a totally organically grown area in Fiji and no chemicals or additives are used during the processing of our oil we are prepared to give a full Company Guarantee to this effect.

 So when you see Ken appearing in all his 'Tribal Glory' on your label you know that we offer you a full Company guarantee that no chemicals, including fertilizers or herbicide or other food additives are used in the growing or processing of the product. Your oil is 100% pure premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil the way nature and the Islands have valued this oil for centuries.

So look for Ken on your Pure products!


Guaranteed Organic virgin coconut oil 


Well what a long way away can Finland be from Fiji and Australia? Talk about opposite ends of the Earth, so it was with great excitement we sent off (via airfreight as seafreight takes around 64 days to get there) our first bulk shipment of our virgin coconut to Finland. Of course by the time it arrived it was set solid just like the snow of the Northern hemisphere winter. Our new Finnish customer at first was surprised that our VCO tasted like coconuts. In impeccable English they asked us why? We informed them that this was because it was a natural pure virgin coconut oil with minimum processing that still retained a nutty rich coconut flavour and aroma. All the VCO they had been importing in the past had no flavour or smell, so the taste of coconut is whole new experience for them!

But we are sure there is already something we both share and that is the pristine beauty of some of the world's most natural unspoilt natural environments.




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Photo by Finnish photographer Taisto Niskanen  View more beautiful images of Finland at:



Nature Pacific Sunshine Coast Distributor - Cotton Tree Qld

It is with great sadness that we announce the death today of our beloved friend (and one of our best distributors) Bob Vanderwal.

Bob was a gentle giant and truly Nature’s Gentlemen. He was instrumental in implementing his vision of one day seeing young Banabans having the opportunity to work and train here in Australia. It is through his efforts that the Banaban Training Scheme will soon become a reality.

We plan on setting up an annual Bob Vanderwal Award to honour his memory and great contribution in helping the Banabans. Even though Bob will not be here to see his dream come to fruition he will always be there with us in spirit.

Our love to his beautiful wife Colleen and the family from your Banaban and Nature Pacific families here in Australia and abroad.


Nature Pacific distributors

L- R: Colleen Vanderwal, Ken, Stacey & Bob Vanderwal enjoying happy times planning Banaban Training Scheme at Mooloolaba

EARTH CLINIC - folk remedies and holistic cures Coconut Oil Cures

Great site where you can leave Feedback and see what others are saying about virgin coconut oil

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Ken Sigrah - director of Nature Pacific enjoying being back home Rabi Island Fiji

Ken from Nature Pacific enjoying

a trip back home to Rabi, Fiji last year


Healthy Diets and Weight Control Group For great information regarding coconut oil and healthy diets and weight control visit - BODY WISDOM at:

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Race Horse Industry now enjoying the benefits of Nature Pacific Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Equitec - Equine Products in Brisbane have now released a new product called 'Race-Torque'  for the race horse industry. 'Race-Torque' is an Essential Fatty Acid (E.F.A.s) Maintenance Supplement with US studies showing: Stimulation of Immune system; Increased Vitamin D levels; Increased Retention of Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous.


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virgin coconut oil for racehorses


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Especially for our Japanese Customers wanting to purchase Australian Shark Cartilage powder direct. With airmail postage and insurance to Japan listed..  


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