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Now Certified Organic and totally natural

JigJig Oil ORGANIC Sensual Body Oil

 Natural Personal Sensual Oil


 - Edible -


Enjoy nature’s own personal lubricant that has been used throughout the centuries

 Certified Organic JIGJIG Oil ®


With the wonderful fresh sweet taste of Coconut  For a totally natural experience 100% Pure Natural ‘organically grown’. While other personal lubricants and massage oils use either polyunsaturated oil or chemical based gels JIGJIG Oil®  is a totally natural product that has been used for centuries throughout the Pacific and tropical regions of Asia.  JIGJIG Oil® does not rely on man-made technology to reinvent what indigenous people have known for centuries. JIGJIG Oil® is made from the finest premium grade of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ‘organically grown' and harvested in Fiji.


JIGJIG Oil® is ideal for massage and to help prevent chaffing and irritation of the skin making it suitable for the most delicate skins.  JIGJIG Oil® is quickly absorbed into the skin penetrating to the deeper dermal layers and underlying tissues. Because JIGJIG Oil® is a natural product it is the ideal lubricant for those suffering from skin allergies or those sensitive to chemicals.  Applied topically, JIGJIG Oil® will help alleviate eczema and other skin ailments. As a moisturizer, it prevents premature aging and wrinkles, protects against skin cancer while keeping the skin soft and smooth. It can also be used to treat hair and scalp conditions.


JIGJIG Oil®  is completely edible and in fact is good for you. Because JIGJIG Oil®  is a totally natural product it will solidify at 18 degrees celsius. JIGJIG Oil® can be quickly melted by warming the bottle or will liquefy at body temperature.


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JIG JIG OIL® Organic (Bottle) 125ml - SUMMER PACK

JigJig Oil
Weight: kg

 - Certified Organic -  

In convenient flip top bottle. Ideal for the summer months.

JIGJIG Oil ® will solidify at 18 degrees celsius and can be quickly melted by warming the bottle or will liquefy at body temperature.  

JIG JIG OIL® Organic (Jar) 120gram - WINTER PACK

JigJig Oil
Weight: kg

- Certified Organic - 

In convenient jar. Ideal for the winter months.JIGJIG Oil will solidify at 18 degrees celsius

Enjoy your JIGJIG Oil® through the colder winter months - Spreads like butter and will quickly liquefy in the warm of the palm of your hand