Coconut Garlic Raitha

Vegetarian dish - Raw vegetables in coconut-garlic yogurt

with Banaban Virgin Coconut oil



1 Cup Cucumber pieces
1 Cup Tomato pieces
1 Cup Onion pieces
3 Cups Curds/Yoghurt
½ Cup Coriander Leaves
½ Cup
Fresh Grated Coconut
3 Green Chilies
3 Cloves Garlic
Banaban Virgin Coconut oil

1tsp Mustard Seeds
Salt to taste


Grind Coconut, Chilies, Garlic and Coriander leaves to a paste.  In a mixing bowl add the vegetables, Curds, Coconut paste and Salt and mix well.  Heat Oil and add Mustard Seeds and when they splutter remove and add to the raitha and mix well.  Serve with Pulao (an Indian vegetable dish).