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20 reasons why coconut oil is your new household essential

20 reasons why

By now you probably have at least one jar of coconut oil stocked in your pantry, bathroom and possibly even your bedroom thanks to the myriad uses it offers, but did you know you could eliminate almost half of the chemical-laden cleaning products under your sink and replace them with nature’s wonder oil, too? Not only is organic virgin coconut oil an all-natural, environmentally friendly solution to the toxic ingredients found in many household products, but also a sure-fire way to de-clutter your cupboards and cut the cost of expensive cleaning supplies.


Coconut Guru and author of cookbook ‘Going Coconuts’, Brynley King, isn’t just a whiz in the kitchen but also knows a thing or two about taking a more natural approach to tackling those tiresome household chores. Below are her top 20 uses for coconut oil in and around the house – and some of them may just surprise you!


  1. Stain remover - Undiluted oil cleans ink and crayon stains from most household furniture. Blot the stain to ensure it doesn’t smear, or mix with baking soda to remove stains from carpet.
  2. Leather cleaner - Use a small amount to moisturise leather and make it shine like new.
  3. Gum remover - Get sticky gum off any surface - even hair! Just rub the oil in, let it sit, then wipe off.
  4. Furniture polish - Perfect on wood when mixed with a little lemon juice (but be sure to do a patch test first!).
  5. Rust remover - Let oil soak into rusty surface for a couple of hours before rubbing off.
  6. Lubricate squeaky hinges - A moderate amount of oil on any squeaky door or window is the best all-natural lubricant.
  7. Sanitize chopping board - Wipe a small amount on wooden chopping board to clean, sanitize and moisturise.
  8. Sticky label remover - Soak area with oil for a few minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth.
  9. Bronze polish - Get bronze items back to their true colour with a coating of oil and a gentle rub.    
  10. Indoor plant cleaner - Clean and reveal a glossy finish by wiping a small amount on leaves.
  11. Shower cleaner - Remove soap scum from showers and sinks by using oil and white vinegar on a clean cloth.
  12. Paintbrush conditioner - Use on brushes and hands after painting with oil-based products instead of mineral spirits.
  13. Guitar string lubricant - A tiny amount wiped on each guitar string lubricates and cleans.
  14. BBQ cleaner - A dollop of oil and an old rag is perfect for cleaning dirty BBQ grills.
  15. Scissor lubricator - Great for gliding onto blades for more effective cutting.
  16. Pots and pans seasoner - Cast iron cookware can be seasoned with oil for a lifetime of use.
  17. Stain preventer - Wipe a small amount on the inside of plastic food containers to ensure no food stain residue.
  18. Retainer and mouth guard cleaner - Rub into retainer and let it sit for a few hours before rinsing off to clean and prevent bacteria.
  19. Water mark preventer - Smear oil around your sink with a clean cloth to prevent watermarks and make it sparkle.
  20. Hand degreaser - Mix oil with baking soda and rub grease from hands.


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