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Banaban Organic Baby Oil to Launch After Successful Completion of Clinical Trials



Nature Pacific is proud to be committed to Medical Research and Innovative Product Development

Nature Pacific is a dynamic and innovative company that is committed to bringing new product ideas into the market.

Part of this development is their involvement in Medical and Food Research in collaboration with Australia’s leading universities and Australian government medical research groups.

Coconuts are proving a unique multi-faceted resource that has been traditionally harvested for centuries and now Nature Pacific is working on developing this natural product to a totally new level.

Over the past twelve months Nature Pacific has been involved with Preterm Infant Clinical Trials with Medical researchers from:

  • Neonatal Clinical Care Unit at King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women,
  • Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and,
  • UWA Centre for Neonatal Research and,
  • Education School of Paediatrics and,
  • Child Health University of Western Australia.

The results of the trial (COSI) proved not only feasible but proved safe and beneficial to the babies' skin condition.

Nature Pacific is now preparing to launch this new innovative product in May 2017 as a treatment protocol for preterm infants. It is expected other Preterm / Neonatal Units across Australia will follow suit with interest already being shown as a treatment for other paediatric and children’s' medical and oncology hospital facilities across Australia.

This is one of the most exciting clinical trials we have been involved with and Nature Pacific's vision of putting scientific research and findings behind traditional medicines and remedies that have been practised by the Banaban people for centuries.

Now available to order:  BANABAN ORGANIC BABY OIL






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