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What is Banaban Organic Nourish Powder?


Banaban Coconut Oil Powder is the bi-product of Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil’s unique cold pressed extraction process. Our unique way of cold pressing our MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) rich virgin coconut oil allows us to use our remaining coconut flesh as Banaban Coconut Oil Powder. Also known as Banaban Nouris.

So what’s the best part? On a 1:1 ratio - Banaban Coconut Oil Powder contains the same MCT value as coconut oil (around 60%) with the added benefits of protein and fibre from its natural powdered form. Don’t believe it? Either did we, in fact Stacey almost fell off her chair when the laboratory sent us the test results! It’s now under a very exciting three-year research study into ‘Food as Medicine’ with the University of Southern Queensland led by Professor Lindsay Brown and Dr. Sunhil Panchal.

Banaban Coconut Oil Powder has not been modified in anyway after the cold press extraction method. It is simply just air dried under 40 degrees to retain its natural and purest state and contains no additives or fillers. It is than shipped to our HACCP facility on the beautiful Gold Coast and milled to a fine powdered form.

How is Banaban Coconut Oil Powder different to others on the market? 

There is a huge difference between Banaban Nourish Coconut Oil Powder and other regular brands of coconut oil powder in the world.

It all comes down to simple science.

I want you to ask yourself - how would you turn oil into a powder? It doesn’t sound easy does it?

The answer is - by spraying it onto another powder like tapioca starch or maltodextrin. Tapioca starch and maltodextrin is also used by manufacturers to increase the yields of products so while you may think you are having 1 tbsp. of coconut oil powder more than 60% of it would be tapioca starch that you’re eating with a slight tinge of spray-dried oil.

Soluble corn fibre is another additive known to pop up on coconut oil powders labels also known as corn syrup, and yes you guessed it, corn syrup is GMO (genetically modified).

The same principle applies for coconut water and coconut milk powder.

The above explanation is the reason why Banaban specifically does not manufacture powdered milk or coconut water powder. We want to stay true to our natural approach and until we can innovate a new way it won’t be happening.

The reason we have a coconut oil powder is because it is the bi-product of our oil and as the process is so unique to our farm it is under a three-year research study with the University of Southern Queensland and an innovative pattern.

You can find out more about our exciting Research Information here.

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