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Recent Event at Banaban Coconut Lifestyle & Training Centre


Nature Pacific Director - Banaban, Ken Sigrah tell the Canungra women all about Banaban history


Nature Pacific welcomed sixteen lovely ladies from Canungra to their Banaban Coconut Lifestyle & Training Center on Tuesday for a special luncheon event.

The Company's director, Ken Sigrah is a Banaban Clan Elder, International spokesman and representative for the Banaban community and told the women about the traditional use of coconuts in Banaban history and how Nature Pacific had brought virgin coconut oil and other coconut foods to a commerical level here in Australia and the world...


He gave them a demonstration on how to select fresh coconut and the easy way to open them. He made it all look so easy.

The ladies were then given taste test of the wonderful new Banaban Coconutto - Organic Hot Coconut Drink before being treated to a Cooking Demonstration and luncheon which included the following dishes:

  • Crumbed Coconut Chicken Breast served with fresh mango and pineapple salsa and pureed sauce.
  • Served with Fresh garden salad and Coconut and Lime dressing and Coconut rice.
  • A lovely Salted Caramel Coconut Cheescake featured in Brynley's - Going Coconut Cookbook was served as desert.
  • The ladies also were treated to another one of Brynely's signature treats - Glazed Coconut Nectar Macadamias.


The luncheon proved a great success and plans are already underway for the next event.


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