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Nature Pacific's Ongoing Commitment to Fiji Cyclone Recovery

WEEK ONE REPORT - The first 7days by Ken Sigrah


We would like to thank all our customers for their ongoing support and offers of assistance during this devastating time suffered throughout Fiji and on around the southern end of Taveuni where our coconut farm and plant is situated.

As many of you already know from the moment we saw the first aerial photographs coming through we realized the situation was grave and organized for fellow Banaban-Fijian, Ken Sigrah, Director of Nature Pacific to get on the first flight in to offer support through immediate food aid and whatever assistance we could offer.

The following is Ken’s report on the current situation and assessment in regards to the coconut farm and how we are moving forward to assist in the coming days ahead.

DAY 1 - Saturday 20 Feb: TC Winston first made landfall in Fiji on the southern end of Taveuni with winds measuring well over 300 km per hour.

DAY 2 - Monday 22 Feb: Air Force New Zealand flew over the northern region of Fiji and photos were published via Fiji Government website showing the devastation caused around the farm and the adjoining local village of Vuna. We soon realized that our island home of Rabi miraculously only suffered minor damage.

DAY 3 - Tuesday 23 Feb: Ken Sigrah flew out to Fiji landing in Nadi where he was met by family and through their efforts was booked on one of the first flights into Taveuni the following day.

DAY 4 - Wednesday 24 Feb: Ken arrived on Taveuni airport in the north of the island and through the assistance of the Taveuni District Officer was given a lift by their vehicle down to the south which due to the state of the roads took over 3 hours and stopped more than 10 km short of the farm. He then walked the rest of the way to arrive on the farm late that afternoon before dark.

DAY 5 - Thursday 25 Feb: Road to farm was opened but still blocked through to Vuna village. A temporary road access was created through the farm property into Vuna to allow emergency access. Ken’s efforts were then focused on purchasing a truck load of staple food supplies. Back on the farm the plant roofing was repaired and after 3 days the plant is back up and running with the objective of processing as many fallen coconuts as possible which will be stored in the undamaged holding tanks.

DAY 6 - Friday 26 Feb: A small boat carrying food supplies and fresh crops, donated clothing and bedding arrived from Ken’s home island, Rabi over 23kms away. Nature Pacific was able to send much need cash via Rabi’s Post office as no cash withdrawals are currently available on Taveuni and the Rabi boys aboard were able to hand deliver the cash to Ken. As Day 7 closed on this tragic event Ken and Gary Tarte were busy handing out the latest donations and food rations and so great to see smiling faces again.


So wonderful to finally see some smiling faces as Gary Tarte and Ken hand out food rations for everyone on the farm.


In amongst all the devastation on the farm its good to see the food rations getting made up.


 Making up food rations for distribtion this afternoon.


 This is the current view of the coconut plantation after D Day which is amazingly still standing.  


To the right of the plantation show the widespread devastation to adjoining villages in the southern area


We will be reporting on progress through the coming weeks for the RECOVERY PROGRAMME.

We thank everyone for your enduring support and to all our people back in Fiji we send our love and blessings and out upmost admiration for their strength and courage and downright determination in such a time of need.

From all the team here in the Australia office.

Stacey King
Nature Pacifc Pty Ltd


  • Date: 03-Mar-2016
    Joanne Beattie Capsule Pack Pty Ltd

    Thank you for the update Stacey. Our thoughts have been with you and the families of Fiji. A wonderful and courageous people.
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