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Admin Top 5 tips on How to make your Mum smile this Mothers Day!

Breakfast In Bed

Wake up early and make your mum breakfast in bed! That may mean driving around to her house! You should do it! We all did this as kids BUT…you can never be too old to make your mum breakfast in bed …the only difference is now you won’t burn the toast.


Pamper, pamper!

All mums love to relax! Massages, manicures and pedicures will almost definitely put a smile on your mums dial. If the budget is tight, do it yourself! Use some of our Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, adding some sea salt and essential oils to create a beautiful full body scrub. Followed by our Beautiful Body Butter! Leaves her skin super soft, and smelling great!


High Teas!

Taking your mum out for a lovely afternoon....High Tea always works a treat!! The array of mini cakes, sandwiches without the crust, and sneaky glass of champagne will certainly give your mum the day she deserves!


Get Away!

If your Mum is anything like mine, she needs chill time! Book a weekend away for her! Even add on your Dad to the trip! Everyone needs to relax or “switch off” in fact we biologically require it, especially our Mums! Have a look online for discounted flights or “get away” specials.



Last, but certainly not least! FLOWERS! This simple little classic even makes ME smile!