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My top 10 Coconut Oil Uses

my top 10

Ok....I’m going to take you all back to basics

and talk about exactly what I use Coconut Oil for. I have had such an amazing experience adding it to my lifestyle, I really feel like everyone should try it!

Since my last blog, my inbox’ has gone crazy! People wanting to know what else I use it for, so in traditional list form, I will tell you: 


1.  Cooking/Baking and Frying - Might seem the obvious one, but swap all other oils with coconut oil for cooking. The properties of vegetable oils etc. can change, for example, olive oil will oxidize in high temperatures, creating free radicals, making them dangerous to cook with. Coconut Oil doesnt, so stay safe, keep calm, and cook with zee coconuts!


2. Hair - My favourite thing to do is lather coconut oil on my hair, concentrating on the ends, and put on a shower cap. Place a towel on my pillows, and sleep with the oil and cap on. I wake, and wash off in the shower. Teamed with Banaban coconut oil shampoo and conditioner, my scalp and hair is another level of deliciousness! 


3. Skin - The biggest organ of the body! The outer layer we see on the daily. I have come to the realization as of late, if you wouldn't put it on your insides, why would we put it onto our skin. After all we do absorb it anyways through our pores. As coconut oil contains Lauric acid, caprice and caprylic, they act as a disinfectant, and protect from infection. So i would really reach for the coconut oil before the tablets.


4. Take straight - As stated above, it acts as an anti bacterial, so taking this super food first thing in the morning will aid digestion, and cleanse your digestive tract. And will also speed up your metabolism (refer back to my blog Coconut oil and weight losson more info).


5. Coconut Oil Pulling - Yes it is quite a strange concept! Swish around coconut oil in your mouth for unto 20 minutes a day! Floss first so you can pull between teeth easier. It strengthens teeth, gums and jaw! Whitens teeth. Prevents bad breath, and is super amazing for all round oral hygiene!


6. Hands and Nails - I rub coconut oil into my cuticles helping my nails grow. It also helps strengthen them.  In colder months, I rub into hands and put gloves on, or even socks if you're not leaving the house. The trapped heat with the oil, really softens your skin.


7. Eye Makeup Remover - It is the best to break down mascara and general makeup around the eye.  I rub the coconut oil in for a while, and then wash off with warm water and double cleanse. No more panda eyeswhen you wake from excess mascara.


8. Pre workout energy - I take coconut oil before a workout. It is an instant energy boost, and is healthy for your insides. You'll be surprised at how much energy it gives you, maybe even look at substituting your chemically filled pre workouts’.


9. Coffee - Yes, a spoon of coconut oil, blended into my coffee in the morning, creates a creamy frothy coffee, and is a perfect way of getting in your coconut oil intake. As well as adding to smoothies, shakes, and juices. 


10. Pets - Ok last, but no means least. You can use coconut oil on your pets. Helping with any skin irritations, and for overall care. Gives your pets a glossy shine to their coat too oooh JAZZY!



Just one small change to start, can end up being the best decision you have made!

Let me know how you go…….


Layla Subritzky is a guest Social Media Editor.

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