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Women’s Wellness and Meditation Retreat

Recently I hosted my 4 day Women’s Wellness and Meditation Retreat for a large group of beautiful and brave women. WOW! Awesome experience I’ve waited patiently for years to be able to create and host.

Most of the ladies came from the Darling Downs; however a few travelled from New South Wales, ACT and the Sunshine Coast to be with us. These ladies were of course, all different. They ranged in ages from 27 to 66 years old.

They each had a story – some quite a few.

They had experienced all the modern challenges of marriage, divorce, abuse, career, motherhood, death, grief, hormones, friendships, relationships, dieting and the ups and downs of life.

They were all shapes and sizes, each with a different emphasis on self-expression and dress sense, and each had their own perspective on what they were struggling with in their lives.


Each woman was searching for less stress and more peace. They wanted to experience relaxation and quiet time just for themselves – without feeling guilty about it.

Each lovely lady was experiencing various symptoms of stress, and each wanted to learn how to manage it better. In fact these ladies shared many similarities that became more apparent to them the more they opened up and listened to each other.

These women were carrying around all their hurts, past pains and current challenges; not just in their minds, but also in their bodies, showing up as aches, pains, illness and disease. They were looking for time out, peace, stillness, quiet. They simply wanted some time for themselves. These gorgeous, generous, loving ladies were fearful of being unworthy, and were challenged to contemplate that they are indeed worth so much more. These women had so much love, time and energy to give, yet they had lost touch with how to give themselves permission to receive.

Some of these women were feeling stuck, trapped, isolated and lonely. Others had overcome these emotions and shared their own stories of learning to stand up, speak up and put themselves a little higher on their priority list. The ladies who joined me for this wellness retreat were all different. Yet they shared many similarities that even they couldn’t have imagined upon first meeting.

By the end of the four days they had let down their defences and found comfort and friendship in realising they are not alone. Underneath it all, we are not so different. We are all human; imperfect, contradictory, fragile, complex. What many of us forget is that love, happiness, health and acceptance are all experiences that must first be cultivated within.

If only we would give ourselves permission to have them, whether we think we are good enough or not.

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