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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

Banaban weight loss

New Year New Me? Or just New Year?

It’s not about finding a ‘new you,’ it’s about finding a you that you don’t mind hanging out with on a long term basis, which is the yearly struggle.

I know I’m guilty of needing a boost in the weight loss department this time of year……. EVERY YEAR in fact!

But as we get older we come to realise pumping our bodies with caffeine and chemically filled thermogenic stimulants, just really isn’t the way to go. So is there really a way to feed our bodies with amazing goodness, but at the same time create that burn we all desire.

You may or may not already know the many benefits of consuming Coconut Oil daily, and I guarantee if you are already onto it, you will be feeling the difference and knowing how amazing it is for you.


Lets get scientific

The fatty acids we consume each day, come in short chain, medium chain and long chain.  Coconut Oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids, these triglycerides speed up your metabolism as your body finds them so easy to digest, which also creates that boost of energy. Long chain fatty acids found in all polyunsaturated oils, are so much harder for the body to digest and break down,  they are then usually stored in the body as fat.

As well as creating energy, and speeding up the metabolism, coconut oil slows down the digestion process, helping you feel fuller for longer. We are then, less likely to snack, or over eat during the day, and we all know it’s the over consumption of food that gives us that extra junk in our trunk.

All hail the Coconut Oil Appetite suppressant I say…. Some people even find that a teaspoon before each meal will curb that carb craving!



*Being a Saturated Fat, it raises Cholesterol Level - People can be very unaware that there are two types of cholesterol, and one type is good for you. Also unaware it has not yet been proven that consuming saturated fats actually raises bad cholesterol. This is why we often see the “anti - coconut oil” trolls. Coconut Oil helps raise good cholesterol in fact, and protects our heart by clearing out the arteries.

*Coconut oil makes you put on weight – As we’ve covered, the medium chain fatty acids increase the metabolic rate, in turn increases energy consumption, in turn, burns fat! Voila! We have your answer right there.


Celebrities we salute you

Some of the biggest names in the business know well about the importance of consuming coconut oil daily to aid in their weight loss:

Jennifer Aniston is often spotted with a shopping trolley full of Coconut Oil!

Gwyneth Paltrow! Who may we add looks not a day over twenty!

Dr Oz is actually an international endorser of Coconut Oil to aid weight loss and overall health.

Miranda Kerr, our Australian Superstar never goes a day without her 4 tablespoons, aiding weight loss. We will have whatever you have Miranda, as long as our behinds look the same??

Kourtney Kardashian isn’t just known for her worldwide dominating family, or her many pregnancies, Kourtney has made it very clear that the only oil that takes a stand in her household is Coconut oil, aiding weight loss, and a huge part of her and her family’s skincare.

Gisele Bundchen You beautiful woman! Hypnotising people with her looks isn’t the only thing she’s good at apparently! Not skipping a day with her intake of Coconut Oil is another.

Angelina Jolie has claimed she gets her energy during long days filming from Coconut Oil! Maybe we should ditch the coffees, whatever works for you our queen Angelina!

Another daily Coconut Oil user, is the God as we know it, king of the screen, man of many women’s dreams, Kellan Lutz! Apparently it is his most favourite thing for keeping lean muscle! We shall do anything you say Kellan! Maybe we can put some on your abs for you? 


Ways to take your Coconut Oil

Whilst many of us can take our daily Coconut Oil from the spoon, others need an alternative.

Make sure you replace all cooking oils, and vegetable oils in your diet, with Coconut oil. Use in all cooking, baking and frying.

Add to your morning beverage, coffee, hot drink or smoothie, blending together for the perfect finish.

If you are going to take your coconut oil straight, start with a teaspoon and build up from there, help your body get used to it. Anything up to 4 tablespoons will do the job.

Good Luck Lovelies with your January goals and using Coconut Oil as part of your weight loss journey,

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Layla Subritzky is a guest Social Media Editor.

For more on how to get your Coconut Oil intake daily with amazing recipes and ideas, please see Bynley Kings website:

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